Les Enseignants

 Laia Barrera I Canovas

She began dancing when she was 4 years old. Since then she has been formed in different styles from ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical to hip hop. She started dancing Tango and argentinian folklore when her family moved to Argentina in 2010. Few years later she moved to Buenos Aires and studied tango depply with many famous Maestros and dancers while she was dancing in “Café Tortoni” Bs as and in other places. Working on her strong tango’s techinque , keeping the traditional style of tango salon and using it also for tango show, she has worked with different dancers in Argentina and in Europe. She has participated in tango competitions in Mendoza like the Mundial Tango subside in Mendoza (2015), and in Buenos Aires “Campeonato de Ciudad” (2016), “Campeonato Intermilongas” in different categories (2016). She has taught tango salon, tango stage techinique and ladies techniques in many places, sharing with her students that there’s one biomecanic and natural way to dance and focus tango being always aware of how your body works and using all the body resources keeping the connection with the partner.

Renseignements: 06 12 11 21 17








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